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Wayne Alarm Cares

On February 25, 2016, In Events, News,

Wayne Alarm CaresWayne Alarm Systems is a local company based out of Lynn Massachusetts. Since we started back in 1972, the company has prided itself on being active within the local community and supporting causes that our team believes in. Every member of the Wayne Alarm family has had an experience which has shaped their lives. It could one of many life changing experiences that has happened to them or someone they know such as cancer, a handicap or disability, drugs, homelessness, mental illness etc. We as a family pull together and help support one another on our quests to find cures and to raise money and awareness for the causes that we find important.

A majority of our employees were born and raised in Lynn. This strong sense of Lynn pride shows in the team’s willingness to volunteer at many non-profits throughout the city. Most recently we have been volunteering at My Brothers Table, helping to serve the homeless a warm meal at dinner. We do this not for company exposure, but because it is the right thing to do. We understand that we are all very fortunate to have a job and a home to go back to at night. While we know our contribution as a team is small, we know that if we can help engage the community as a whole, we can work together and have a much larger and stronger impact.

It’s truly a humbling experience to give back. It makes you realize just how fortunate you are and how fast you’re financial or physical wellbeing can change. You can also learn a lot by listening to the people you are trying to help. Many are in very unfortunate situations, yet they still have such a positive outlook on life and also want to help as well.

Our team is stronger and prouder than ever and I believe giving back has helped shaped that part of our culture. It has made us pull together as a team on causes that affect each and every one of us within the city we love. Not only do we strongly encourage our team to become more involved, but we would also like to invite our customers and vendors to help make the world a better place for everyone!

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