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Wayne Alarm Community

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Wayne Alarm CaresWayne Alarm Systems takes pride in the small welcoming communities surrounding us, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it. What we enjoy most is seeing the people that we protect, and creating relationships outside of just phone calls. We believe that your alarm company should be more like a neighbor, and less like a business.

By participating in local events, fundraisers and community services, we build relationships with communities that larger, nationwide companies just cannot do. We believe these are important because it re-enforces that fact that Wayne Alarm actually cares. We care about your well-being and your safety, not your wallet.

Wayne Alarm tries to stay active on the North Shore and give back to the community whenever possible. Whether it be sponsoring the local Navigators baseball team, or volunteering at My Brother’s Table in Lynn, Wayne Alarm Systems tries our hardest to be a part of your community.
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