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Surprising Stats about Home Break-Ins

On October 18, 2017, In Safety Tips, security,

It may or may not come as a shock to you that over 2 million break-ins occur annually in the United States. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, this means that a home burglary occurs, on average, every 13 seconds! While you may think that your neighborhood is fairly safe, and that you lock your doors and windows regularly, the facts are that you and your family could easily become one of these frightening statistics.


With only 17% of residential homes reporting that they have a security system, it is no doubt that the numbers could decline if more homeowners invested in a comprehensive system like the offerings we have here at Wayne Alarm. If you are a homeowner considering whether or not a home security system may be right for you, here are some surprising statistics to consider while you are weighing the decision.


  • Do you really secure your home when you go out, even for a short time? Consider that about 30 percent of all burglaries are through an open or unlocked window or door. This stat may surprise you, but taking the extra few minutes to secure your home could save you a lot of heartache later.
  • Despite popular belief, most burglaries occur during daylight hours from 10am to 3pm. This means your home is a prime target while the kids are at school and you are at work. Since you are not there to watch over your precious home, consider installing a home alarm system with monitoring.
  • The majority of break-ins are done by burglars who live nearby. Typically a burglar lives less than two miles from your home. That means that criminals are close enough to learn your living patterns, so consider a theft deterrent system that makes it appear that you are home during the aforementioned peak break-in hours.
  • Burglars avoid homes with alarm systems. The number one deterrent for criminals is the knowledge that an alarm system is armed and used regularly.
  • Criminals are fast and smart. Burglars can usually get into your home in under ten minutes. This means that after checking doors and windows, most burglars can access a non-alarmed house quickly.


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