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Security Tips For Your Summer Home

On April 5, 2016, In News,

Transitioning into spring marks a time when many people start getting their summer homes ready for the season. While you are away during the off season, how do you keep the other one safe? Your home has threats that not only include burglary and fire but also nature and plumbing emergencies. By nature, summer homes are often several hours away. This provides problems as the greater the distance, the higher the risk of security complications.

To help protect your home, here are some helpful security tips:

Have A Home Alarm System Installed

Stay connected even when you’re away from home! With the advancement of technology, Wayne Alarm Systems has security systems that are professionally monitored and can be managed remotely from your laptop or your mobile phone. You are in complete control and in the case of a burglary, Wayne Alarm will notify your local authorities.

Video Security Cameras

Affordable and very important, a camera system allows you to look at your second home from the comfort of your smartphone. This way, you can take a look and check in on your summer anytime you want. Has your property manager stopped by to check in on your property? You will know with a camera system.

Home Automation

Our home automation features allow for you to remotely control your house temperature, lock or unlock doors, manage lighting and more. Not only will this help save you money by saving on electricity costs, but it can prevent costly damages such as preventing pipes from freezing.

Maintain Your Property

Even though you may be away from your summer home for an extended period of time, you should not make it public knowledge by posting on social media and leaving your property overgrown. Look into hiring a landscaping service to keep your lawn cut and yard tidy and have neighbors pick up any mail you have received. A Wayne Alarm Systems yard sign will also help fend off criminals by showing them that your property is protected.

For more information on protecting your second home and how Wayne Alarm can help, please feel free to give us a call at (781)595-0000 or fill out our online contact form.

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