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Security for your Lifestyle

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At Wayne Alarm, we often hear that clients have waited to add a security system because they felt like their hectic life would make having a system difficult. We have also heard from clients that they waited so long to install a system because they felt that the technology may be beyond them. And then there are the people who waited because of the type of home they live in or their location. We can assure you that there are security systems that can accommodate all lifestyles and levels of tech expertise.

The first thing that happens when you enlist the help of Wayne Alarm is that a security consultant with years of experience personally evaluates your home and discusses your lifestyle extensively to find out which systems and solutions best fit your requirements. For example, there are systems that are more suited for single family homes, multi-family residences, residential communities, and even custom solutions. We take into account aspects of your life such as the needs that include: alarm systems, fire systems, access control, environmental control, and/or surveillance. And yes, we even talk to you about your concerns such as tripping alarms because your children are on the go to sports and school or you work the third shift or you have workmen at your home for repairs or any number of things that impact our busy family lives on a daily basis. We get to know your family and tailor our alarm systems to the needs and budget that you set. Then we stick around to train you and every family member on how to use the system.

We have families that require a wide array of different types of alarms and access controls. For example, we can supply and install motion sensors for those teens that come home home late at night so they have a lit driveway to greet them. Or we can provide Key FOB access, a wireless device for arming and disarming your system, because you need easy access. We work on new construction and existing homes so we have seen it all. Part of our job is to take into account your life and family and how our alarms can help you stay safe and provide peace of mind.

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