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School safety at both the local and college levels is not as simple as it once was. With a range of threats and dangers, it’s important that school systems do everything that they can to keep students and faculty safe. Below is an outline of important security equipment and tips that can help improve your school safety.

Essential School Security Options:

Burglar Alarms: It’s important to keep track of possible dangers around the clock. With a properly installed burglar alarm, you’ll know when someone has entered the premise when you didn’t want them to.

Fire & Carbon Monoxide Alarms: During the situation that a fire or chemical threat takes place, it’s important you have proper equipment. Whether people are at the facility or not, the right alarm systems can be the difference between saving a lot of money and even lives.

Video Surveillance: A lot can happen within a school whether it be internally or externally. If it’s during real time or looking back at footage, in the event of a crime, video surveillance is extremely important.

Access Control: This high tech equipment provides specific faculty or administrators with access to restricted areas. You can control who goes where!

Emergency Phones: Phones placed throughout the school can be a crucial way for students or faculty to contact help in the event of an emergency. They can be placed strategically both inside and outside of the school.

Mass Notification: In the event of a severe threat, Mass Notification alerts parents and educators of a threat. They are also extremely popular for school cancellations and delays during weather conditions.

Managing Visitors: Keeping track of who comes into your building is important to keep everyone safe. A visitor should have to sign in with some level of person information.

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