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School Safety Tips for Parents

On September 20, 2016, In Safety Tips,

School safety at both the local and college levels is not as simple as it once was. Today’s parents face a whole new world of challenges and threats to their children’s safety at school that they never had to deal with as children and probably never imagined they would have to deal with as parents.

Parents not only have to worry about protecting their children from strangers but also, in some cases, from their own classmates or malicious agents acting on a completely unpredictable and seemingly random agenda. But there is hope.

A modern world with modern safety hazards requires a new and modern response. With a range of threats and dangers, it’s important that school systems do everything that they can to keep students and faculty safe. Consider the following tips for school safety and how you can implement these school safety tips in your own community.

1. ID Badges

The idea of having everyone in your school wearing a prominently displayed ID badge may seem a bit overprotective. However, it is a relatively inexpensive and simple gesture that can go a long way towards protecting students. Requiring staff to wear ID badges in view at all times could deter a potential bad actor from attempting to infiltrate the school and, if they do, could allow them to be rooted out quickly.

It’s not even completely out of the question to require all students wear prominently displayed ID badges as well. If students can wear school uniforms, it’s hardly a hardship to require them to wear an ID badge. It could save someone’s life.

2. Anti-Violence Policies

Violence can escalate very quickly, especially in areas where a lot of young people are congregating in a small space. Schools that implement a zero-tolerance policy towards violence have a much better chance of nipping problems in the bud before they get out of hand.

3. Bully-Proofing Classrooms

Parents should encourage, or even demand, bully-proofing policies in school. The time of “kids will be kids” is gone. Unfortunately, with all the benefits technology has brought, it has also brought newer, easier and more damaging ways that students with bad intent can use to hurt their peers. It is absolutely critical that bullying no longer be considered acceptable behavior that kids will “grow out of.”

If your child is engaged in bullying behavior, it is your responsibility to the community to educate your child on the dangers and potential consequences of bullying. If your child is being bullied, it’s important to be proactive and make sure your child’s educators are taking steps to quickly and unequivocally curb this type of behavior.

4. Understanding Anxiety, Depression, and Mental Illness

Anxiety is extremely common among school-age children. But even as a parent, you don’t necessarily get to see the signs of these issues when they may be most evident: during the school day. Unfortunately, some parents through no fault of their own may miss the signs of anxiety & depression in their children.

An important school safety tip that many parents may not consider is being attentive to what may be happening in school with your child. Learn what the signs of mental health issues are and learn to look for them. Talk to your child about these struggles, and whether they or any of their friends at school may be experiencing them.

Find out what the school does to be vigilant about issues of mental health among the student body and what resources they provide to deal with them.

5. Safe Zones

All students should have a clear understanding of what to do in case of the various emergency situations that may arise during the school day. They should know where to go in case of a fire, power outage, school intruder or any other potential emergency situation. They should know how to get there and what to do once they arrive.

Educators should drill students on when and how to reach safe zones and parents should verify that the school is enforcing this policy and that their children are adhering to it.

Using Technology for School Safety to Protect Your Children

It may seem like an overwhelming battle, but you are not alone. You have concerned, caring teachers and fellow parents to help you. You also have the help of companies like Wayne Alarm, who can offer security and protection services to help you win this battle.

In addition to all these useful tips on how to keep schools safer, technology is an important ally in the battle to protect your children in schools. Below is an outline of important security equipment and tips that can help improve your school safety. Wayne Alarm can provide all the listed equipment and services to help protect your school and your community’s children.

Essential School Security Options:

Burglar Alarms: It’s important to keep track of possible dangers around the clock. With a properly installed burglar alarm, you’ll know when someone has entered the premise when you didn’t want them to.

Fire & Carbon Monoxide Alarms: During the situation that a fire or chemical threat takes place, it’s important you have proper equipment. Whether people are at the facility or not, the right alarm systems can be the difference between saving a lot of money and even lives.

Video Surveillance: A lot can happen within a school whether it be internally or externally. If it’s during real time or looking back at footage, in the event of a crime, video surveillance is extremely important.

Access Control: This high tech equipment provides specific faculty or administrators with access to restricted areas. You can control who goes where!

Emergency Phones: Phones placed throughout the school can be a crucial way for students or faculty to contact help in the event of an emergency. They can be placed strategically both inside and outside of the school.

Mass Notification: In the event of a severe threat, Mass Notification alerts parents and educators of a threat. They are also extremely popular for school cancellations and delays during weather conditions.

Managing Visitors: Keeping track of who comes into your building is important to keep everyone safe. A visitor should have to sign in with some level of person information.

For more information about keeping your school safe with the proper technology please feel free to give Wayne Alarm Systems a call. We can be contacted over the phone at 781-595-0000 or through our online contact form.

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