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Safety & Security with Pokémon Go

On July 27, 2016, In News,

Pokemon GOPokémon Go has taken over the world! This virtual game requires users to get out of their homes and walk around in order to catch the latest and best Pokémon. The only problem with this is that people are taking this to a whole new level and aren’t even taking their heads up off their screens. From people walking into others backyards, driving into mailboxes or people getting lured into dark alleys, you need to make sure you are being safe.

Follow some of these tips to make sure Pokémon Go isn’t putting you in danger.

Be aware:

Possibly the most obvious but also best advice is to be aware of your surroundings. Walking aimlessly with your head buried in your phone is not the best thing for you. Never enter a street to catch Pokémon, and watch out for all traffic, as that little Pokémon on your phone is not worth getting hit or run into.

Follow The Law:

The law still applies when you’re playing Pokémon Go. Make sure to remind your children that trespassing isn’t tolerated. So no roaming through neighbors yards, no jumping fences and no walking through parks after hours.

App Security:

With Pokémon Go being so new, there are potential security concerns that you should be aware of. To create an account Pokémon Go, users need to sign in with their Google IDs. You are providing a lot of personal information that could be available to be hacked. We advise creating a separate Google profile specifically for this game.

Stay In Safe Areas:

Unfortunately there has already been real life examples where robbers committed crimes with Pokémon Go.  People have actually set “lures” designed to bring Pokémon users to specific locations. It’s important that you’re always aware of the context and situation that you’re in. Always stay in well-lit, and popular areas that you know people will be around. Robbers will most likely stay away from well-lit highly populated areas.

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