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Preventions on Online Packaging Theft

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Online shopping is at an all time high, and with every year more and more consumers avoid stores and go to the online route. This year, better sales and faster gift wrapping call all of our attentions for easier shopping during the busy holiday season. Shopping online is the new way to shop for gifts, and it is no secret that our packages can “disappear” from our front doors.

There is no better way to view if your packages safely arrive, than using video surveillance. Wayne Alarm provides top notch video security that you are able to access from your mobile device. To avoid this situation, here are two of the best security features to use.

If you are not home, and your purchases were delivered, you can double check on the safety of your delivery with the easy use of total connect cameras. With the Total Connect cameras you can also live stream the video straight to your mobile phone. With its use of infra-red technology, you can still use them in the dark. The cool feature of this camera is when the camera senses odd movements, it automatically record whatever is moving. The 10 second short clip is then automatically sent to you, so you can see what is happening. They are super easy to move locations as well.

Another tip for securing your online holiday gifts, is SkyBell. Using video when your doorbell rings, it allows you to see who and when someone rings your doorbell, whether it’s unexpected or invited guests. When the button is pressed, the owner gets a ring that is set for alerts whenever someone walks up to it, using motion sensing technology. This cool new security system allows you to stream videos or even audio from your iPhone or iPad anywhere you are. You are able to talk directly to the visitor without even having to reach for the door. It also has full night color vision and can sustain any weather. Using SkyBell allows you to see when your mailman safely delivers your gifts to your front door.

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