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Preventing Summer Burglaries

On June 21, 2017, In Safety Tips, security,

Now that summer is here, everyone simply wants to be outside enjoying outdoor family activities such as cookouts, pool parties, and fire pit gatherings! However, with these fun times can also come dangerous results if one is not careful. On today’s post, we will take a look at the best advice to keep safe throughout all your upcoming summer activities including summer burglaries!

  • Avoid Leaving Windows Open – It’s important to never leave the windows or doors open when no one is at home. However, with warmer days, open windows are an open invitation to burglars. Making sure all windows and doors are locked can prevent a burglary. To avoid this, always double check locks and security systems before leaving your home. Wayne Alarms are easy to set and control even while you are out.
  • Know Your Neighbors – Being friends with your neighbors can make a huge difference and can be extremely helpful in a time of need. Neighbors can maintain a watchful eye when you are not home, as they can always let you know of any unwanted or suspicious activity that you do not notice.
  • Stay Aware of your Alarm System  Knowing how your alarm system works and the functions they provide is an important factor to staying safe. It is highly important to know when systems need maintenance or are in need of repair. Wayne Alarm offers exceptional training and maintenance programs. 
  • Yard Activity – Summer is the time to make our yard and gardens beautiful. However, once you are finished with these activities, remember to put away all tools and ladders after using them. Leaving a ladder out can allow a thief to climb into a second story windows or break in with hammers and screwdrivers. When working in the backyard, lock the front door and be aware of the garage door being down or up.

Don’t limit your vacation fun this summer, however, be cautious of what can keep your family and friends safe and what can not.

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