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Why Medical Alert (PERS) Is the Best For Loved Ones

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Grandma has been feeling ill for quite some time now, and living home alone doesn’t give you or your family  peace of mind. What if you’re currently at work, kids are at school, and grandma had an accident and fell?What if she had no way of being able to reach you or call for help. It’s a situation we don’t want to have to deal with and it’s an event we all want to prevent. How can she reach out in case of an emergency? How can you know if she’s okay? How will she be able to alert you when she needs help?

Today, with technologic advances, we are able to find ways to help in situations like this while being in control of our outcome.

When needed, professional Medical Life Alert operators are able to aid in assistance at anytime, from anywhere. With 24/7 monitoring, they standby at a local monitoring station. The easy-to-access, ‘EMERGENCY’ button provided immediately alerts the Wayne Alarm Alarm Monitoring Central Station. The best part about it, if you or your loved one are in another room or enjoying the outdoors, a wireless remote activator allows you to activate the system when you are away from the main receiver.

At the moment of alert, you’ll be in contact with a dispatcher giving you high quality communication that allows you to be heard clearly from any room, regardless of the distance. In the time being, an appropriate emergency personnel is then contacted and dispatched to your aid wherever help is needed.

Our loved ones can now have the ability to have more freedom and independence within their home, even while still having the help of a qualified and trained group of professionals standing by whenever you need help. For more questions, give us a call at (781)595-0000 or e-mail us at sales@waynealarm.com

Massachusetts Department of Professional Licensure
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