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Kitchen Safety – Cooking Safety Tips

When I think about winter, I think about warm sweaters, snow falling and, of course, comfort food. The kitchen can be both a wonderful place of smells and tastes, but it can also be a dangerous place if not monitored carefully during the cooking process. Did you know that the leading cause of fires in the kitchen is unattended cooking and that most cooking fires in the home involve the stove top? Let’s take a closer look at kitchen safety and how you can prevent a fire and/or emergency event by following some fairly simple rules.


  • Stay in the Kitchen – The number one cause of kitchen fires is unattended cooking that can start while you are frying, grilling, broiling or baking. Always remain in the kitchen while the food is cooking and turn off the stove if you do have to leave, even if for only a few minutes, Never leave a meal cooking while you leave your home.
  • Stay Alert – Try not lose track of the items you are cooking. Use a timer to remind you when items will be done. Try to wait on drinking alcohol until you begin eating the meal. A clear head can help save you in the event of an emergency.
  • Clear the Area – While you are using the stove, be sure that the area is clear of anything that could catch fire such as oven mitts, papers, towels, or other items.
  • Act Fast – If you do notice a grease fire, smother the flames with a pot or pan cover or use a fire extinguisher meant for grease fires. If a fire has started in the oven turn it off and call the fire department for more help.
  • Extinguishers – All kitchens should have easily-accessible fire extinguishers. Talk to your local fire department about what type you should keep in your kitchen.
  • Get Out – If you do have flames and are unable to douse them or cover them, get out of the home immediately.


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