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How to protect your job site during construction

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Construction sites are a prime target for theft of valuable items and vandalism. Is your company currently under construction? Are you searching for efficient, safe ways to protect your assets? According to a National Equipment Registrar survey, one third of thefts are reported on Monday mornings and more than 70 percent of thefts are from jobsites with lack of adequate security.

Here are a few things you can do to better protect your construction site by preventing equipment theft and vandalism.

Secure Your Site

Secure the perimeter and make sure your site is well lit and locked up. Install theft monitoring video/alarm devices. Technology keeps getting better and better in this arena, meaning there is a myriad of new ways to protect your site. As alarm installation specialist, it is our duty to remain abreast of all of these advances and the latest trends in security technology.

One great option that we at Wayne Alarm have been really excited about is a system called Videofied which uses video-verification for efficient and accurate security.

Many construction sites have large, open spaces, making them a welcome target for not only would-be criminals, but for blowing debris and animals. The motion-activated monitoring captures a video clip which is then fed to a live operator. This operator will be able to quickly assess the situation to determine if the moving object is a plausible threat (an unidentified person) or just a false alarm (a deer curiously wandering your site). Furthermore, the operator will contact you to make sure that the unidentified person isn’t someone who is actually supposed to be there—say, for instance, one of your workers who needed to retrieve some tools.

This video-verification functionality also makes Videofied a great security option for parking structures, car dealerships or any other outdoor site where there’s a high probability that many of the things moving around during off-hours aren’t actually a threat.

Additionally, these video-verified alarms are seen as crimes in progress, meaning that police will be immediately sent to the scene as part of their priority response system.

Identify Inventory

Identify the equipment you currently have. Keep the information up to date and secure. A good recommendation is to take pictures of the larger equipment. Always track newly purchased items immediately and keep record of them in a secure place.

Involve Your Neighbors

Walk around your job site’s surrounding areas and look at it from different angles. Think about how a potential thief would look at it. Communicate with your neighbors and let them know what will be happening. Keep them informed of progress and the benefits for them.

Have you tried any of the methods outlined here or are there other ways you protect your job site while under construction you would like to share?

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