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Home Security & Safety Guide During Halloween

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Whether it be young misbehaving kids or true burglars out to cause harm, Halloween does have its set of security problems. With people in costumes and a surplus of people out and about at night, it creates a situation that many burglars take advantage of.

Follow some of these safety tips to help ensure you aren’t a victim.

  • If you have a garage, be sure to park your cars in it. With so many people walking about, your car could be an easy target.
  • Utilize any spot lights or motion sensors to scare away any burglars. If they can get right up to your house without anyone seeing them, that can be enticing.
  • Be aware that trick-or-treating depending on the community usually stops around 8-9. If you are approached after these hours by someone knocking on your door, be aware.
  • Whether you are home or not, be sure to lock all your doors and windows.  

If you’re not going to be home make sure that your home is well lit, all the doors are locked and that you have your home security system turned on.

Safety Tips For Your Kids Trick or Treating:

  • Make sure that your children know to never enter a strangers house or car
  • When trick or treating, make sure that your kids stick to a buddy system.
  • Review the route your kids will be taking while trick or treating. Also, set a time for them to return by.
  • When reviewing the route they will take, make sure that they stay in well-lit areas and don’t walk through any dark yards, alleys or parks.
  • When your children return home, be sure that you quickly check over all of their candy.
  • If you have our remote services, you can add a GPS tracker to your child so you remotely view exactly what their current location is.

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