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. Home Safety for Summer

On August 22, 2017, In Safety Tips,

Last month we discussed safety while you are headed out on vacation. This month we are discussing summer safety around your home whether you are headed out on an errand or having a “staycation.” There are some important steps you can take to protect your family and property during these sweltering days of summer.

  • Nix the Spare Key – With family members coming and going all summer to camp, sports, the beach and more, it is important that every family member has access to the house when they need to. However, you may want to reconsider the spare key idea and upgrade your lock system. The reality is, if your home is being targeted, the first thing a criminal will look for is a spare key. He will look in the standard places: a conspicuous plastic rock, under the mat, or above the door. New locking systems have options such as keyless entry, electronic panels and/or electronic locks that take away the need for a spare hidden key.
  • Stop The Social Media – As with when you head out on a week-long vacation, don’t advertise that your home will be empty – even if it is just a day trip to the beach or amusement park. Feel free to post after the fact that you went somewhere marvelous. Don’t tell the social media world in advance that you will be out.
  • Limit Access – Summer is a time of landscapers, gardeners, pool maintenance and other service people entering your property. Do not give out your access codes. Instead consider s security system that you can access from your smartphone or tablet while you are out. Service people can them call you when they arrive and you can remotely access the lawn mower in the garage, the pool area or garden.
  • Windows and Sliders – It may be tempting to leave the windows wide open or even a slider while you run out for the day. You probably don’t want to close the house up and trap the hot air or humidity. Security systems can help you still get a breeze in your home and stop intruders from accessing those open windows and sliders.

For more information on summer security and systems that may be right for your home call Wayne Alarms.

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