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History of Home Security

On September 13, 2017, In security,

How many of us grew up in homes where the house key was kept under the front mat? Some of us may even remember a simpler time when we felt safe enough to leave our homes unlocked or open when we went out for the day or even for vacation. Those days seem so long ago now.


Home security is evolving faster than ever. A deadlock on a door has been replaced with high tech gadgets that are completely automated and controlled by a tablet or smartphone in your hand. These technological advancements have made homes and businesses safer than ever, and are deterring intruders and criminals on several fronts. Let’s take a moment to look back at the history of home security to better understand how far we have come in the last few hundred years.


Some of the first home alarms were invented in the 1800s, and consisted mostly of electromagnetic alarms that would sound when an intruder crossed over a window or door that had the gadget attached. The alarm was meant to be loud and scare off the criminal. This type of alarm was patented in 1853 by the Reverend Augustus Russell Pope of Somerville, Massachusetts. As you can imagine, false alarms and instances of avoiding the mechanism were widespread, but the concept was a first step in the evolution of home security.


By the 1900s, home security had become more advanced with the introduction of home security guards and video systems. In the post-WWI years, “Door Shakers” were paid to go door-to-door to literally shake doors to make sure they were locked and protected from intrusion. By 1966, a nurse named Marie Van Brittan Brown invented the first video home security system and the ability to open a door with a remote control. These systems may seem elementary and simplistic, but these ideas would later evolve with the same concept of personal security and video surveillance to bring us to where we are today.


From these simple beginnings, home security has improved greatly. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, household burglaries in the United States have declined by 56 percent from 1994 to 2011. These numbers will improve as the technology becomes more accessible and cost effective for families and businesses. Visit us each week as we explore more topics about how you can keep your home, business, and family safe using Wayne Alarm Systems.


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