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Fire Alarm Features

On August 29, 2017, In Safety Tips,

Earlier this month we discussed the basics of smoke alarms including the types of sensors, locations to install them, and maintenance tips to keep them operating well. This week we are looking at what each smoke or fire alarm features. What exactly will trip a smoke or fire alarm? Why should I look to install multi functional alarms versus stand alone units that alert for only one type of emergency?

Our homes and businesses are important to us and there are many different threats that we should be alerted to for the safety and well-being of our family and employees. Here are several of the hazards that one of our fire systems can alert you to if an emergency arises.

  • Carbon Monoxide – Carbon monoxide is a by-product from the burning of gas, oil, coal, or wood. If a fuel-burning appliance such as your furnace or boiler malfunctions or is not properly ventilated, this colorless and odorless gas can collect and become a health hazard to your employees and your clients. CO detectors can provide an alert that your sense of smell, taste or vision could not do.
  • Gas – If your home uses natural gas, a leak that goes undetected can cause major property damage and potential loss of life if the gas is exposed to sparks, or open flame. While homeowners may notice symptoms of a leak such as dizziness, nausea, and irregular breathing, they may pass out or become ill before they can take action. An alert to this could save both lives and property.
  • Heat – If you operate a business that has a kitchen or just cook a lot at home, a heat detector may be a good choice as you can avoid false alerts due to steam and smoke from kitchen work.
  • Smoke – The thing we think of most often when we think of fire alarms is smoke. Smoldering fires tend to emit a lot of smoke and can overwhelm family members quickly. Smoke detectors through Wayne Alarm are hardwired and linked to our monitoring station so when smoke occurs we call the fire department immediately and you worry about evacuating loved ones and/or employees.

If you are looking to update or change your existing fire systems call Wayne Alarm.

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