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Family Security While Traveling

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Our family is at the center of our lives. Human beings would do just about anything that they can for the safety of their families. This means that protecting them from harm is a crucial part of life whether it be at home or traveling on vacation. Keeping our families safe is even more difficult during periods of vacation as we may not be familiar with our surroundings.

Family Travel Security Plan

Truthfully, whenever your family walks out the front door of your home, they leave the zone of protection that you have developed. The best way to keep everyone safe is to create some sort of security plan. To do this, get your family together for a meeting. Think about your everyday lives, activities and commutes and how you can be safer during each aspect of your day. Simply think of scenarios that could happen and make sure everyone knows what to do.

Hotels and Motels

When traveling during either business or pleasure, you may need to stay the night in a hotel or a motel. This hotel room is your sanctuary and your temporary home for a night. It’s important that when you select a hotel, that you give it some thought. The cost of your hotel room doesn’t exactly represent how safe it is.

Room Location

If possible, we suggest that you choose a room on a higher floor. Ground floors are more vulnerable to theft as they are much easier to escape.

Room Security Features

All hotel or motel rooms should be protected with either a metal or solid wood door for maximum protection. Rooms should also be equipped with a one-inch throw bolt.

Children Supervision

Be sure that you don’t leave your children unsupervised around the hotel grounds. Everyone walking around a hotel is a stranger and it can be more difficult than you think to distinguish as person as a registered guest that is safe or that has criminal intentions.

Women Travelers

If you’re a women traveling by yourself or with small children, take car valet services whenever possible. It’s always better to be extra safe. After checking in, have a bellman or desk clerk escort you to your room. Before they leave, investigate the room to be sure it is empty.

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