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The Evolution of Home Security

On May 9, 2016, In Safety Tips,

Shortly after World War I, Americans started to pay more attention to safety and home protection. There have always been people trying to steal from others, and security/ alarm systems have been a focal point over the years to stop them. The actual groundwork of security systems has been laid out generations ago dating back all the way to the 1850’s. Let’s take a look back at how far security systems have come.

Pope’s Bell Alarms – 1853:

Back in 1853, a man of the name Augustus Russell Pope patented the first every electro-magnetic alarm system. Before this, many people relied security guards or guard dogs. Through electric circuits and magnets, the simple action of opening a door or window would cause a hammer to strike a brass bell. Upon Pope’s death, Edward T. Holmes purchased his patent for the first burglar alarm system for $5,000. Much of the earliest security technology was developed in the Northeast of the United States.

American District Telegraph – 1874:

In 1874, Edward A. Callahan formed ADT. In its early days ADT had a partnership in conjunction with Western Union. When Western Union received a signal, they would run over to ADT “American District Telegraph” and send a bicycle messenger to deliver a message. Today ADT‘s global headquarters are based out of Ireland and Apollo Global Management which is the parent organization which owns it is Canadian.

Video Surveillance – 1760’s:

The first form of video surveillance was developed by Ben Franklin. His invention called the “busy Body” used a series of mirrors strategically placed so you can remotely view who is at your front door. Today, video surveillance technology has improved drastically and has also reduced in cost which makes it affordable for the mass market. Now many residential home owners are integrating IP cameras into their homes so they can receive video notifications on their phone or tablet based on certain events.

Growth of Home Automation – 1984- 2015:

By 1984, home automation spread throughout the house to garage doors, security systems and much more.  Now in the 2015, home automation is a significant factor for many home owners and integrating security. Now home automation is controlled through apps such as Honeywell Total connect which you can control remotely from your phone or tablet.

Today – 2016:

Today, Wayne Alarm Systems provides security systems to both residential and commercial properties. From the comfort of your mobile phone, you can be in control of your entire home. Monitor and take action with your homes security system, lighting, thermostat, locks, cameras & much more. Our 24 hour emergency repair and service team is here to help. Now with two locations in Lynn and Nantucket, Wayne Alarm Systems continues to grow and deliver superior customer support.

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