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Door Knock Security System Scams

On April 26, 2016, In News,

It’s that time again when the out-of-state buses come loaded with high school and college students on break and are dropped off to try to sell security systems and services sometimes in our area. They go door to door and most times they make near impossible claims to consumers. We have seen where some of these out-of-state peddlers have convinced consumers to remove their current system which had included a full fire alarm system and install one or two wireless heat detectors in its place.

They do this with enticing phrases like “it’s free” or “We work with you current company “or “Your system is obsolete” or “We are buying XYZ Company”. Unfortunately some people fall for their convincing and ludicrous hollow promises. Sometimes these peddler’s will work in pairs going door to door and will not leave a residents property until the forcibly coerce and browbeat the consumer to change services. Make no mistake about it, what they are doing is ethically corrupt and most every time they do not comply to the required background checks, certificates of compliance, training and licensure that a company must to comply with state laws. Imagine life safety systems being specified, designed and installed with perhaps a few week at most of training and most of this training is how to get the sale and get out as fast as possible!!! They may show a door to door peddler’s license to a consumer that some cities require and try to pass this off as the required licensure. To an older consumer of someone that does not know the requirements, it’s easy to see how they double talk their way in.

I would suggest if you have an opportunity, you go on line and check some of the better Business Bureau reports and YouTube stories of consumers constantly being ripped off and deceived by these out of state sales groups. You may ask why isn’t the local state and federal government doing anything about these deceptive practices and it would be a good question. First, they travel around the country and when they are detected by law enforcements, they usually move to another area. Second, since most of these “fraud” sales experts and trained installers “are high school students and college students, they must go back to school so the program usually ends in late august when they plan to go back to school.

If you ever hear of a solicitation to a consumer from any of these door to door out of state peddlers, tell the consumer to immediately slam the door on them and if they become aggressive to call the police immediately and issue a complaint. We need to let customers know to always be vigilant who is knocking at the door and especially during the upcoming summer months.

We have information and links if anyone needs additional information. See any team leader for info. Unfortunately, it makes our industry look bad because of the fraudulent efforts of these sales groups. Make sure all of our customers know the difference and are prepared!

Massachusetts Department of Professional Licensure
License No. C-1111

Massachusetts Department of Public Safety
S-License No. SS CO 0160

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