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Digital Safety Tips

On May 11, 2017, In Safety Tips,

Growing up in the digital age can bring unlimited opportunities for students to learn, connect and share information. It has made lives easier in so many ways including access to education, medicine, and  incredible benefits for security. While the social media networks provide many benefits, they can also be overwhelming for families who raise technology savvy kids.So how can you keep them safe? Aside from having an open conversation of what can be good and bad, it is important to also know that negative consequences can occur cyberspace when not making safe online decisions. Follow along for some great safety tips on how to keep you and your savvy kids safer!

Next time you’re on the web, make sure you do the following:

  • Interact safely – Younger kids don’t always follow the rules of not contacting online-only acquaintances. Instead, talk about maximizing safe conditions: meeting only in well-lit public places, always taking a friend or family member with them. This also includes telling a trusted adult about any plans that are made – including time, place and the acquaintance’s name and cell phone number.
  • Empower your children to handle issues – Cyber bullying is a real and troubling issue happening in our world today. Cyber bullying includes unwanted contact, or hurtful comments. When problems arise, teach them to talk to a trusted adult, not retaliating, blocking the person, or even filing a complaint. If the strategy fails, agree on safe steps to take next.
  • Teach Critical thinking – Knowing what websites or digital content are credible and safe can make a huge difference. Make them aware to always be cautious on clicking, downloading, or uploading content and ensure the website is secure and safe before doing so.

Along with these helpful online safety tips, stay current and keep up to date  with the many new ways on staying safe online. The world is changing everyday and new services are constantly created. Knowing them and how they are used can better your digital life and the safety of your family.

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