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Cyber Security

On June 21, 2016, In News,

With just about all our personal private information stored somewhere on the internet, it is important to protect it. With things like banking information, credit cards, social media sites and more all requiring passwords to access, most people just use one password for all platforms. Getting into someone’s social media accounts isn’t too difficult if you’re an experienced hacker, but hacking into a credit card account is a whole different story. However, if you’re using the same passwords, I don’t even need to hack your bank account, I already have the password. It is always good to use different passwords for sites with different levels of security. You can use the same passwords for social media sites and smaller media accounts, but when it comes to more important information such as your bank account or healthcare login, be sure to create a highly secure password to protect your highly valuable information.

When it comes to purchases you make online, everyone loves the convenience of one-click shopping, but that’s not always the best idea. Having all your credit cards linked up to your account is just asking for trouble. In the event of someone else gaining access to your account, they can run up a big tab pretty quickly. Manually inputting your card numbers every time you make a purchase might seem like a pain, but it could save you a massive headache down the road.

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