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Creating a Disaster Plan

At Wayne Alarm we are in the business of keeping your family and/or business safe from many potential dangers such as: fires, theft, smoke, CO (carbon monoxide), floods, and other disasters. We stand by our products and all they can do to make our clients’ lives easier and safer. In addition to the technology we offer, we suggest that families and businesses also create a disaster plan so that everyone is on the same page and knows what to do in the event of an emergency. Here are some tips to creating your disaster plan.

Have a Family or Employee Meeting – During this formal or not-so-formal meeting, discuss what events are possible. Be especially sure to reassure children that they are safe. Discuss the importance that the safety of life is above all else, including favorite toys and, for businesses, important documents.

Decide on an Emergency Plan – For each family and business this plan will look different, but consider hashing out these questions.

  • What is the evacuation route? For families, discuss all the options for evacuating your home, including multiple doors and windows. For businesses, discuss exits and routes, include posting routes for different parts of your office.
  • What is the meeting spot? For both families and businesses consider having a neighboring building as a spot where you will all meet once you have evacuated the building so that parents or business owners can account for everyone.
  • What are the communication protocols? If all family members or employees are not in the same spot, have a plan of action of how you will communicate, including contingency plans for power outages, phone lines being down and other possibilities.
  • Consider special situations for example: are there young children who will need help getting out of the home? Is there someone with a disability that may need physical assistance? Are there pets or service animals that should be considered?

Do you need help planning for the worst? Ready.Gov online has some great resources to help your family or business get started on planning that could save a life! One of the most important things in any emergency is alerting to the event. That is where Wayne Alarm can help. Call us at our Lynn office at (781) 595-0000 or at our Nantucket office at (508) 825-9200, or visit our website for more information.

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