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College Valuables

On January 16, 2017, In Safety Tips,

College ValuablesLiving in dorms or apartment buildings while at college have their pros, but it is important to remember to exercise proper safety precautions. Burglary is by far the most common crime committed on college campuses, and one that seems to be forgotten about. Because of the nature of dorms with many people living on one floor, and sharing a room with your roommate, it is easy to become a target for burglary. Follow these couple steps to ensure you don’t become a victim.

  1. Always Lock Your Door: You may have to talk it over with your roommate to make sure you guys are on the same page, but be sure to always lock your door. Carry your key on you at all times, and lock the door whenever you’re outside the room. It only takes seconds for someone to be in and out of your room with your possessions.
  2. Invest In a Safe: Your roommate may have friends over when you’re not around, and you are worried about your valuables. Investing in a small safe or fire box with a lock on it can prevent that problem. It is perfect for things like jewelry or cash that you don’t want to leave out.
  3. Laptop Locks: We’ve all been in the position at the library when you have to get up and either go to the bathroom or leave your spot, but don’t want to leave your belongings there by themselves, especially your computer. You can purchase a lock for your computer that plugs into a port and prevents someone from stealing it. This is also useful for when you leave it in your room and you won’t have to worry about it being stolen.
  4. Losing your Keys: In the event that you lose your dorm or house key, alert the proper authorities so you can have your locks changed. You don’t want someone out there having access to your room with your old key. The price of changing locks is a small price to pay for a sense of security.
  5. Consider Insurance: Many people don’t realize this, but there are various insurance policies designed specifically for dorm rooms or off-campus apartment living. These policies are usually more affordable then you’d think, and could be worth looking into if you’re clumsy with your phone or have a fear of theft. These policies usually cover the majority of your electronics, and some home instances as well.

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