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The Best of GPS Vehicle and Asset Tracking

On March 23, 2017, In security,

Ever wondered if you can get somewhere faster by taking a different route, using shortcuts? Ever wanted to have a device that helps you get to your destination without all the terrible traffic? Having a real-time GPS to provide you with that information is much easier and let’s you drive without the stress.

GPS technology has advanced  more in the past few years to GPS on your phone, to having a GPS on your dog’s collar, to being able to use it in your car. It’s unsafe to constantly look down on your phone while driving to make sure you’re heading to the right place. As a bonus, GPS systems usually have a wider range of coverage which gives you accurate representations. Several other benefits include a decrease fuel consumption and a reduction in speeding. It’s almost essential now, and whether you’re worried about burglaries or want to keep an eye on who uses your car, Wayne Alarm’s GPS tracking ensures you know what’s going on at all times.

So how does it inform you at all times?

With specifically customized notifications that are made with your preferences, the total connect app gives you the ability to stay in complete control. For example, say your teenager wants to take the car for a night out with friends? You’re more than willing to, but then you begin to worry. With the app you’re to get alerts whenever your vehicle exceed speed limits or predetermined geographic boundaries. The notifications all identify where your car is, how fast it’s going, or even if it’s outside your predetermined boundaries. You’ll know what’s going on in your car, at all times.
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