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Back To School Safety Tips

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We hate to be those people but after seeing back to school commercials, we just realized we are in the final third of summer! August is a great month but after 4-5 weekends most kids will be back at school. Over the next few weeks as you start to go shopping and buy new clothes, there are certainly new safety precautions that you should inform your kids about!

Bus Safety:  A large portion of students ride the bus and while most safety measures are taken care of while aboard, there are additional things you can teach them. Make sure that they always look before crossing the street, stay 3 or more steps away from the curb when waiting for the bus and if walking in front of the bus be sure you’re at least 10 feet from the windshield so you can be seen.

Strangers: Kids young and old should always be aware of their surroundings. Always walk on known streets and if they think they are being followed, find trusted people as soon as possible.

Safe Walking Practices: Depending on your child’s age, teaching them about street safety can be perfect during those walks to the bus stop. If your child is old enough to walk alone, make sure that you practice the walking route with them a few times before school begins.

Bike Safety: If you live close to school and your kids bike to school, have them follow the same principles while walking to school. Make sure your children also knows to ride in a single file line and on the right side of the road.

Backpack Pain: Most parents understand this one, but as the year goes on, backpacks can bulk up extremely quickly. Find a backpack that fits right and try not to over pack to prevent back pain for your child.

Home Alone Tips: If your kids get home before you, there are just a couple things you can do. Have them quickly text you when they get home and if they are home every day for a few hours before you, you can notify any stay-at-home-neighbors to check up periodically on them.

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