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August Smart Control Lock

On January 24, 2017, In Uncategorized,

There are moments when we leave in such a rush from our homes and business that we leave without our keys or even forget to lock our doors, only to remember hours later when it could already be too late. With technologic advances, Wayne Alarm provides another easier way to secure your home or business with ease. Here’s why you should call up Wayne Alarm and request the August Smart Control lock.

The August Smart Control Lock allows you to never feel guilty for not unlocking your door, again. The smart control lock is a deadbolt lock that syncs to your phone wirelessly, allowing you to control anyone who comes in and  anytime the doors are locked. With this specific use you are able to grant access to your family and friends, or you can also provide them with temporary access. The system uses different key codes to allow you to see who entered at what time and from where they did. With all these different features, it also sends you notifications straight to your mobile device.

This device works just as great for your small business, too. If employees forget to secure a specific door and you’re not in the office, a quick look at your phone can easily lock your doors for a sense of ease. It also has a cool feature where you can set up a schedule and only choose who is allowed to go in at the time. If someone unknown walks in, you’ll be notified instantly.
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