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5 Car Safety Tips to Know for Road Trips

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School is almost out and summer vacation is just around the corner.That means road trip season is fast approaching! While many families are preparing their road trip to Disney or National parks, or visiting the west coast, it is important to know what preparations to take. Here are some car safety tips to note for your big trip!

  • Car security – It’s important to keep track of your car, especially when road tripping. Check out Wayne Alarm Car GPS, as it allows you to stay connected to your car wherever you go. Allowing you to keep an eye on what is happening to your car and protect it from from burglaries, etc.
  • Don’t drive tired – According to the NHTSA, driving while drowsy plays a factor in 100,00 accidents annually. Remember to drive only when well rested, and switch off with another adult driver every few hours, if possible.
  • Update maintenance – Before embarking on your road trip, get your car thoroughly checked. This includes checking tire pressure, tread levels, oil change, wiper blades and fluid levels, too. It is important to look for anything off or different, and fix it before the big drive. Remember to always bring a spare tire in case of a flat.
  • Drunk drivers – Unfortunately, drunk driving is the number one cause for accidents in the US. You, however, can protect you and your family by staying alert and reporting any drunk driving that you see. A tip is to never stay in the left lane unless passing. If someone drifts from the other side of the road, you’ll be the first collision. Instead, stay on the right side of the road as it will give you enough time to avoid a drunk driver or collision.
  • Weather – Preparing for weather in different regions can be tough. Keep tabs on moving storms to plan an alternate route or to wait it out on a safer location. Don’t have a smartphone? Having the radio on will keep you up to date with weather and breaking news, too.


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