Pre-Vacation Home Security Checklist

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With summer right around the corner, families are beginning to plan their summer getaways. Kids are soon to be out of school and there will be an abundance of time to take that week-long vacation that everyone has been looking forward to.  After you’ve planned your trip, be prepared to…

When Should I Change My Door Locks?

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Installing the proper home security systems is crucial in keeping your family and valuables safe but people often forget about other security risks. It is very often that people forget about changing their doors locks during times that they should. Most of us haven’t even considered getting a new door…

The Evolution of Home Security

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Shortly after World War I, Americans started to pay more attention to safety and home protection. There have always been people trying to steal from others, and security/ alarm systems have been a focal point over the years to stop them. The actual groundwork of security systems has been laid…

Door Knock Security System Scams

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It’s that time again when the out-of-state buses come loaded with high school and college students on break and are dropped off to try to sell security systems and services sometimes in our area. They go door to door and most times they make near impossible claims to consumers. We…

Fire Safety Prevention For Pets

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Just about 1,000 home fires are caused every single year by the family pet while over 500,000 pets are involved in fires each year. We often act as though our pets are equal members of our family but when developing a fire safety plan, they get overlooked. Within this article…

Municipal Fire Alarm Systems/ AES radio

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Many towns and cities have a fire alarm system in place which is called a municipal fire alarm. In the past, many cities had pull stations across the city and most businesses, and municipal buildings were also attached to this system. These hard wired system sent signals from the building…

Security Tips For Your Summer Home

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Transitioning into spring marks a time when many people start getting their summer homes ready for the season. While you are away during the off season, how do you keep the other one safe? Your home has threats that not only include burglary and fire but also nature and plumbing…

Spring Clean Up For Home Safety

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The weather in New England is finally warming up, and many of us are starting our spring clean-up routines. Wayne Alarm Systems wanted to compile a list for your spring clean up to keep safety and security at top of mind. Inside: Check all smoke and CO detector batteries Ensure…

Home Hacks To Conceal Your Valuables

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Burglars are very smart and calculate the risk of breaking and entering into each home. Professional burglars don’t want to spend a lot of time looking through a home for valuables. They will look through your home and target the obvious places to look for items. For this reason, it…

How to Protect Yourself and Your Family During A Home Invasion

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Wayne Alarm does its best to keep families safe with a range of home security services. An installed alarm system will decrease the chances of a break in and will deter any burglars that do make their way into your home. Below are tips which can also protect your family…

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